About California Council on Economic Education

The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) is the leading provider of economic and financial literacy training and resources to California’s K-12 schools. We have a long history of providing training to teachers and students dating back to 1963. While educating students on the economy and financial matters has always been important, the recent recession has demonstrated that being uneducated can lead to tragic results.

Unfortunately, too many adults are uneducated in economic and financial matters. Surveys have consistently shown that Americans do not understand even the basics of personal finance or the economy. Even worse, many high school students are dropping out of school and not getting a chance to be educated. In low income neighborhoods 41% of students entering high school will never graduate. These students do not understand the value of an education and its impact on their value in the economy. They do not understand that their decisions have consequences that will affect their lives.

The CCEE solution is to better prepare students for life by helping to educate them on economic principles, the economy and personal finance. We train teachers to better train their students. We provide training through workshops, conferences, webinars and free educational materials. Our materials, including course curricula, videos and animated stories are accessible 24/7 through our online “teacher’s toolbox”, EconWorks! We insure are our courses are effective by providing tests and monitoring the results. All of our training and teaching materials are offered at little or no cost to teachers.

The adult lives of today’s students will be full of choices. They will be opening bank accounts, saving and borrowing money, investing and insuring their assets. As members of a democratic society, they will be voting on public matters and make decisions. At CCEE, we want to help teachers give California students the tools they need to make truly informed decisions. We want better prepare them to live and prosper in a global economy.

Contact us or make a donation today. For every dollar donated, 83 cents goes directly toward programs and lessons.


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