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Leverage your donation through our teacher network

Teaching teachers is the most cost-effective way to reach students with crucial economic and financial literacy skills. Each teacher we train then teaches an estimated 150 students per year. That’s a big number over a teacher’s career! Therefore, teachers are the backbone of the California Council on Economic Education, CCEE. There are 340,000 teachers in California’s public, private and charter schools, making it the largest system in the country. Today, there are 1,000 teachers participating in CCEE’s workshops and programs. To reach ten times more teachers, we will leverage this network, providing a large return on your investment in the year you give and beyond.

Your donation at work:

  • $50,000 teaches 35 teachers, reaching 5,000 students

To teach economics to one million students by 2015, we need to complete our Expansion Campaign Phase One and reach three times more students in the first step.

Expansion Campaign Phase One Goal — $800,000!

Progress to date: $300,000

Make a donation and choose to teach economics to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s economy.


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