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Looking for opinions on the economy or economic indicators? California Council on Economic Education, CCEE, offers these links to blogs, well-known economists and news sources to help you sort through current events and provide context for your students.

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Concept Link Brief Description
Micro Economics
Economic systems Map of North Korea/South Korea at night
Supply and demand Calvin and Hobbs and other cartoons by topic
Economic systems and policy, political and market freedom, trade and global markets economic growth
Video series with a comprehensive overview of global economic history from WWI through 2002; Six-hour video narrative divided into short chapters
Property rights/rule of law; economic systems, competition and innovation, free market economy, entrepreneurship Videos and online current event lessons; requires membership (free); sample videos include: The Price System, Yours and Mine: The Lesson of 1623, Unintended Consequences, The Ultimate Resource: Pennies a Day, The Road to Prosperity, Everyone’s Space
Human capital Did-You-Know Video stresses the importance of one’s own human capital and how it affects the world and the affects of technology on lives worldwide
Macro Economics
Income inequality Series of 10 graphs/charts on income inequality/distribution
employment Vanishing Employment Across the Country map; animation of unemployment numbers for countries in the U.S., numbers represent the change in amount of people employed in the previous year
Geography of a Recession; animation of unemployment rates by U.S. countries from Jan 2007–Aug 2010
Graphical representation of unemployment rates with interactive map to choose states and cities to chart Bureau of Labor Statistics; unemployment rates by state, choose year and month to generate map
Economic data
World Fact Book; information on the government, economy for 266 world entities; drill down to a variety of facts about a country Unusual representation of data, territories are realized based on subject of interest International Monetary Fund Data Mapper; variety of economic statistics/indicators with graphs and maps side by side
U.S. Census Bureau; demographic data with economic implications
Government spending Obama Budget Cuts Visualization, YouTube video, 10,000 Pennies Channel, visualization of the budget cuts in relation to the total budget using pennies National Debt Clock; continual updates to U.S. national debt, U.S. federal spending, federal tax revenue and more
National Debt Clock; other graphs available but it takes some careful “weeding through” What does a trillion dollars look like? Visual representation of $100, $10,000, $1 million, $100 million, $1 billion and $1 trillion
The Penny Game. Objective: learn how much the federal government collected in revenues and borrowed in fiscal year 2008 and how those funds were spent Bailouts and Bull, Part 1 of 6 (approx. 8 mins) John Stoessel special on government bailouts/stimulus packages and government spending Fear the Boom and Bust, a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem, YouTube Vdeo, EconStories
Keynesian Theory
Great Economist Treasure Hunt; Economic timeline and great economists and their time quiz
Monetary Policy, Credit Crisis
So You Want to Be in Charge of Monetary Policy? Students take charge of a simulated economy by taking on the role of the Federal Reserve (federal funds rate)
In Plain English, Making Sense of the Federal Reserve; animated tour of the Federal Reserve System
Trade Outsourcing Bad for America? 20/20 John Stoessel segment that asks, “Is outsourcing always bad?”
USA Trade Online, the official source for U.S. Merchandise Trade Data
Economic Systems and Policy, Political and Market Freedom, Trade and Global Markets, Economic Growth
Commanding Heights video series offers a comprehensive overview of the global economic history from WWI through 2002. Six-hour narratives divided into short chapters.
Various Macro and Micro Topics Freakonomics, the movie. Run time: 1:33:13, rent movie from iTunes for $6.00 Movie clips with economic concepts, provides brief summary of the scene and economic concepts being portrayed.
News Sources CNN Wall Street Journal
The California Stock Market Simulation

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