2012 Financial Advisor Challenge Winners

The newest economics contest by CCEE puts students directly in the role of financial analyst.

Financial Advisor Challenge is a financial literacy program that teaches students the distinction between saving and investing. The contest successfully prepared 1,565 students to be college and career ready.

The first year’s event included:

  • 35 teachers
  • 414 teams
  • 1,565 students
  • 35 financial industry professional mentors!

 This year’s Financial Advisor Challenge winning teams:

  • Bulls and Bears Division (general education students)
    Long Beach Poly Technical

Bulls and Bears Division’s First Place Team, Long Beach Poly Technical


How the contest works

The Financial Advisor Challenge’s inaugural year was met with enthusiasm from teacher and mentors, while introducing students to the financial advisor industry.

Students today lack a general understanding of how saving and investing work, how they are different and why they should choose them given their circumstances.

The contest includes two competition divisions to ensure all students have access to the learning experience. “Bull and Bears” Division is geared toward general education students. The “Warren Buffet” Division focuses on AP students with a keen interest in economics.

To qualify for the contest, students are given seven profiles to choose from. They develop an investment portfolio of stocks to meet different investor characteristics and objectives for one profile.

Sixteen finalist teams are chosen from these entries and each team is given 30 minutes to create a new investment profile to present to the judges to evaluate during the final round of competition.

Contact CCEE Director of Teacher Relations to participate in next year’s contest.


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