Regional Centers for Econ Education

Cal State University - East Bay

Cal State University - Fullerton

Cal State University - San Bernardino

San Jose State University

Cuyamaca College

Hamilton High School

University of Southern California

Cal State University – East Bay

The Center for Economic Education at Cal State East Bay was one of, if not the earliest to use a stock market game as a competition and instructional tool. Today it continues to provide support for the California Stock Market Simulation, conducts workshops for teachers here and abroad, and is involved in economic education research and curriculum development.

Jane Lopus, PhD  Director, is an accomplished researcher, curriculum writer and international consultant. She has authored Economics in Action! as well as materials for the national CEE; She has been an integral part of bringing economics and personal finance education to many countries of the former soviet union and continues to work with them, currently Ukraine.

Cal State University – Fullerton

The Center for Economic Education at Cal State Fullerton has been a regular advocate of low-income and underserved populations with respect to economics and personal finance instruction. It has conducted community outreach and annual teacher workshops in addition to research on outcomes of economics and financial literacy instruction.

Radha Bhattacharya, PhD, director since 2011 has been very active carrying out the mission of the Center for Economic Education. She has partnered with U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo on several large projects over the course of her leadership and is currently putting together the first ever Economics and Personal Finance Olympiad.

Cal State University – San Bernardio

The Center for Economic Education at Cal State San Bernardino has worked with San Bernardino City Unified School District with support from a Discover Pathways grant to develop and implement a personal finance curriculum and train teachers, reaching over 9000 students by the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

Jim Charkins, PhD, at a recent conference for economics teachers, has been described as “caring more about economics and economics instruction than anyone else!” Dr. Charkins lead the passing of mandatory economics instruction at the high school level in the state of California, developed the MoneyWise Teen program and has been a vigorous advocate for K-12 economics instruction. He is a former executive director of CCEE and one of the instrumental founders of CASET, a partner of CCEE.

San Jose State Univeristy

The Center for Economic Education at San Jose State University is successfully engaged in implementing the Unitrack “Step-to-College” program which provides students college credit and increases high school student matriculation to college. The Center also conducts workshop series for area AP/Honors high school economics instructors.

Tom Means, PhD, Director of the Center for Economic Education at San Jose State University helped to re-establish the Center in 2000 and has been at the lead in training and collaborating with AP teachers to ensure high school students are successful in college.

Cuyamaca College 

The San Diego Center for Economic Education (SDCEE) at Cuyamaca College is your premier provider of economic programs for K-12 schools in San Diego County and surrounding areas. SDCEE helps schools to integrate the teaching of economics across all grade levels.

Anthony Zambelli, J.D. has been an instructor in the Business and Professional Studies Department at Cuyamaca College since 1979. He is a recipient of the Cuyamaca College President’s Award, the Award for Teaching Excellence and the Rainbow Award for service to the college community. He also received the Alfred Lord Whitehead Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of Redlands.

Hamilton High School 

Business and Interactive Technology Academy (BITA)

BITA is a career academy located at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and is modeled after the Partnership Academy Model, structured as a school-within-a-school. The Business and Interactive Technology academy incorporates an entrepreneurship pathway. The BITA curriculum includes instruction in financial literacy, computer technology and entrepreneurship among others. BITA allows its students to achieve professional certifications in Microsoft Office and Adobe Project Suite and as a partner with Brandman University and West Los Angeles College students can take WLAC classes earning college credit while in high school.

Connie Moore-Kelly Director of BITA since 2009, Ms. Moore-Kelly is a math teacher with a background in the corporate sector having worked on the B-2 bomber program and Space Shuttle program. She is a passionate advocate for ‘21st –century’ hands-on teaching, incorporating technology use and first-hand business experiences for her students

University of Southern California

The Center for Economic Education at USC specializes its treatment of economics through the lens of Accounting, with discussion of financial market behavior, the ethics of economics, fraudulent reporting and more, under the direction of Cecil Jackson, who coordinates with CCEE to conduct and present at teacher workshops, bringing his unique insights into their classrooms

Cecil W. Jackson, PhD, teaches courses on fraudulent financial reporting and managerial accounting for the MBA program and the graduate and undergraduate accounting programs. Jackson recently published the textbook Detecting Accounting Fraud: Analysis and Ethics, (2015) and has been featured on national business news programs.


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