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November 20, 2020
#ITeachElementary - Teaching how to save
Key Question
What are some exercises to help elementary students begin practicing their savings skills?
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Explore More With These Resources

EconEdLink: The ABCs of Saving

`` In this personal finance lesson, students will learn about short and long term goals in order to be a successful saver.`` (K-2 + 3-5th grade)


How does this reflect the key question?

EconedLink: Costs and Benefits of Saving

``Teach students the costs and benefits of saving money.`` ( 3rd-5th grade)


How does this reflect the key question?

Monkey Business: Using Curious George to Teach Personal Finance

``We will use the lovable character Curious George to capture student attention while teaching about personal finance and economics. This webinar will also provide links to multimedia and Consumer Bureau resources to supplement lessons.`` (K-2nd + 3-5th grade)


How does this reflect the key question?

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