About Family Financial Literacy Events

At Family Financial Literacy Events, students and their families/guardians come together for a fun event to learn and participate in activities that focus on making good personal finance decisions, why money matters, and how you can make it work for YOU!

Topics Covered:

Budgeting and Goal Setting
Learn the basics of budgeting!
Saving and Investing
Learn how to make your money grow!
Human Capital
Explore careers and occupations and learn the level of education you need for each!
Credit Basics
Learn about the basics of credit!
Photo Highlights from past FFLEs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are Family Financial Literacy Events (FFLEs) structured?

  • FFLE’s are broken down into separate sessions during which students and their families participate in activities/games – which are facilitated by trained CCEE volunteers – to learn about basic personal finance topics such as budgeting and goal setting, saving and investing, human capital, and credit basics. Typically, families will have time to participate in at least two activity sessions during the event. This is a hands-on learning event, not a speaking event or presentation.

While at the FFLE, will I be able to receive personal financial advice?

  •  Unfortunately, CCEE does not provide individualized financial advice. FFLEs are intended to introduce students and their families to basic personal finance concepts. If you are seeking specific financial advice about your own personal situation, we recommend seeking a financial advisor.

Are the FFLE sessions also in Spanish? 

  •  Yes, all FFLE activities are available in Spanish.

How are participating school sites chosen?

  • In 2019, CCEE partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District to bring more LAUSD students and their families personal finance education through Family Financial Literacy Events as part of the Superintendent’s Financial Literacy Initiative. LAUSD identifies all school sites in advance.

Can I request an FFLE at my school?

  •  At this moment, we have identified our FFLE programming for the 2019-2020 year.

How can I get involved with CCEE?

  •  CCEE offers a number of volunteer opportunities. Be a part of providing life-changing personal finance education by signing up to volunteer here.

Will the complimentary refreshments include vegan options?

  •  There will be vegetarian refreshments will be available, but we are unfortunately unable to provide vegan options.

Interested in volunteering at an FFLE?

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