You're Never Too Young to Learn About Money!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


#GivingTuesday Goal

$5020dollars raised

$200 funds one student's participation
$5,000 funds an entire after school site's participation

About the Never Too Young Program

“A lot of this program helps students feel either empowered or wanted, even helping them understand that they don’t need to work for somebody if they don’t want to. These students have that idea in their head now. One of our students, a fifth grader, she actually put ‘business woman’ under her school portrait in the auditorium.”

– LA’S Best Never Too Young Program Educator, Los Feliz Elementary School

The Never Too Young program is an elementary-level after school curriculum designed to provide an important “head start” for some of California’s most underserved students by exposing them to a real-world understanding of personal finance and economics. After learning about concepts such as how to save and invest, students use their talents and abilities to create products and sell them to their peers during a “market day.”

By participating in the Never Too Young program, students learn that they are their most important resource when it comes to unlocking their potential and achieving their goals.

“I have a student who’s a fifth grader and one of our most challenging students–not so much challenging in behavior, but challenging in the ways that she’ll say, ‘I’m not interested.’ 
She came in here [my classroom] and… next thing you know, she’s interested. She started the idea of making paper stars and then the boys went up to her and they were begging her to be a part of the business. I guess that’s what she needed… to know that she does matter. You just see her with a big smile, her behavior changed. I talked to her mom and her mom was like, ‘I don’t know what you did but, thank you, because even during her regular school day I’m hearing good things now.
And you know, she really did need that.” 

– LA’S Best Never Too Young Program Educator, Hoover Elementary School

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Number of CA students reached through the Never Too Young program in 2018-2019

More About CCEE

For 60 years, CCEE has provided economic and personal finance education through educator workshops, webinars, conferences, and community events across California, utilizing a network of affiliate centers for economic education, in addition to school districts and community-based organizations.

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