California High School Economics Teacher Certification Program

A program in partnership with the California Association of School Economics Teachers (CASET)

Apply before the deadline on Fri., April 5, 2019

Registration fee is required upon acceptance to the program.
*Registration fee of $500 includes resident for one week at Cal State Fullerton, teaching materials, breakfast & lunch, social event, one dinner, and online coaching throughout the year.
If accepted into the certification program, school/school district payment can be requested and is highly encouraged.

Use Economics to Empower Your Students

The Economics Teacher Certification Program helps teachers empower their students to:

  • Learn and apply economic reasoning
  • Recognize the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century global economy
  • Use this knowledge in all aspects of their lives – both now and in the future.
What Can I Expect?
Phase One
Complete the one-week professional development seminar, which features:
  • Content and pedagogy addressing the economics course (specified by the 1998 History-Social Science Standards, the 2016 CA History-Social Science Framework, and the National Council for Social Studies C3 Framework)
  • Expert presentations
  • Engaging simulations and activities
  • Course-planning time
  • Mentoring
  • Group and individual reflection
  • Debriefing and ongoing coaching
Phase Two
Attend the one-week workshop, and receive a certificate of completion for completing phase one & choose to pursue certification by CASET and CCEE by fulfilling the following requirements:
  • Teach the high school economics course during the following school year
  • Pre & post-test students
  • Develop a portfolio based on your experience with the course
  • Participate in out of class economics education leadership activities
  • Successfully complete the comprehensive exam

Once the above requirements have been met, you will be certified as a Superior California High School Economics Teacher

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