A workshop in partnership with the Center of California Council on Economic Education at USC

Help your students make real world connections to markets

This workshop is for all high school social studies teachers who want to enhance their students’ understanding of markets and the real-world issues related to them. At the workshop lessons and handouts will be provided that cover the following topics:

  • Supply and demand analysis for a hypothetical kidney market
  • Markets with less competition
  • The moral limits of markets
  • Why people trade (including creating a trading floor simulation
    in your class without using any electronics!)

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USC Campus

Rescheduled – TBA

Lunch will be provided

From American Enterprise Institute: “What if you could legally sell your kidney?”

“Twelve people will die tomorrow because no donor will give them a kidney. Current models of organ donation in the United States say that organ donation must be strictly altruistic, and there is a tremendous shortage of kidneys and other organs. But what if organ donors could be compensated?” Watch the video on Youtube

From Harvard Business Review: “Is Lack of Competition Strangling the U.S. Economy?”

“Despite their undeniable popularity, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are drawing increasing scrutiny from economists, legal scholars, politicians, and policy wonks, who accuse these firms of using their size and strength to crush potential competitors. (Their clout caught the attention of European regulators long ago.) The tech giants pose unique challenges, but they also represent just one piece of a broader story: a troubling phenomenon of too little competition throughout the U.S. economy…” Read the full HBR article.

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