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The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) provides economics and financial literacy training and resources to K-12 teachers, students and their parents, throughout California.  CCEE’s overarching mission is to help California’s students gain a real world understanding of economics and personal finance, so they can make better decisions and compete and succeed in the global economy. 


CCEE was founded as part of the California State University Foundation to provide training and standards-based curriculum in economics to California teachers, and became a 501(c)3 charitable organization in 1999.  This followed the passage of legislation that requires all CA high school seniors to have at least one semester of economics in order to graduate.  CCEE has also added personal finance training to its core competencies, and focuses on delivering high-quality financial education to promote financial literacy and enable financial capability.



CCEE was recently recognized in the Hawthorne Press Tribune for holding a wonderful Family Financial Literacy Day for Hawthorne School District students, teachers, and family members.  Check out our Calendar for events in your area!

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CCEE 2014-15 Teacher of the Year


Business English Teacher, Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles


Larry has taught in a number of LAUSD schools throughout his 15-year teaching career. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Larry’s father was a pharmacist and his mother was a school administrator. He is currently teaching English and Computer Science at Alexander Hamilton High School, home of the Mighty Yankees, where he himself graduated.


In addition to sponsoring Hamilton High School’s student leadership organization, Larry is involved in a number of groups that seek to bring equitable resources to schools, such as the Coalition for Educational Justice and the “Schools LA Students Deserve” Grassroots Coalition. For the past two years, Larry has been applying lessons from the CCEE into his classroom — through a Business English Class — and teaching the fundamentals of savings, compound interest, managing credit, and basic money-management.


To nominate a teacher for the 2015-16 award, click here.  The winning teacher will be honored at the Chartered Financial Advisors of Los Angeles annual dinner, and will also receive $500 in cash and $250 worth of classroom materials.




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