About CCEE

The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) provides economics and financial literacy training and resources to K-12 teachers, students and their parents, throughout California. CCEE’s overarching mission is to help California’s students gain a real world understanding of economics and personal finance, so they can make better decisions and compete and succeed in the global economy.

CCEE was founded as part of the California State University Foundation to provide training and standards-based curriculum in economics to California teachers, and became a 501(c)3 charitable organization in 1999. This followed the passage of legislation that requires all CA high school seniors to have at least one semester of economics in order to graduate. CCEE has also added personal finance training to its core competencies, and focuses on delivering high-quality financial education to promote financial literacy and enable financial capability.

CCEE’s main office is currently located in Los Angeles and leverages Ph.D-level resources at six (6) Centers for Economic Education located on campus at universities throughout California. This system of economics education centers — formerly comprised of seventeen (17) Centers — is in partnership with the California State University System and the California Department of Education. Our Centers are based at CSU’s East Bay, San Jose, Fullerton and San Bernardino; and USC and Cuyamaca College in San Diego. Much of CCEE’s local work is conducted in partnership with school districts, including San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Diego City Unified School District, Hawthorne Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified.

In the 2016-2017 School Year, CCEE and its academic partners have provided more than 6,200 hours of instruction to 1951 teachers throughout the state, reaching an estimated 195,000 students. Our Student Contests engaged more than 2,200 students from dozens of CA Schools in robust local and national competitions, including the Personal Finance Challenge, the National Economics Challenge, and the Financial Advisors’ Contest.

CCEE is a statewide organization governed by a 30-member Board, comprised of a number of financial professionals, academic and non-profit experts in the areas of economics and personal finance.


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