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Community Programs

Our community programs are designed to help fill the gaps in economic and financial education, in order to create a truly economically and financially literate state.

Family Financial Literacy Events

At Family Financial Literacy Events, students and their families/guardians come together for a fun event to learn and participate in activities that focus on making good personal finance decisions, why money matters, and how you can make it work for YOU!

Para-Educator Workshops

CCEE offers a limited number of para-educator workshops and sessions for nontraditional educators and those interested in economics and personal finance instruction.

These programs are by no means exhaustive. There are a number of partners and organizations that exist who offer direct financial literacy resources to those who need them. Find them here.
If you’re a K-12 educator or faculty member who is interested in participating in our educator programs, click here.
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If you’d like to bring hands-on learning to your students through CCEE’s student programs, click here.
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