Register for one of CCEE’s hour-long $martPath virtual trainings and bring fun and interactive financial literacy and economic education to your elementary and middle school students today! Thurs., March 11, 2021 at 12 PM PT Weds., March 10, 2021 at 12 PM PT

About $martPath

$martPath is an engaging, interactive and easy-to-use way for elementary and middle school teachers to embed relevant and fun economic and financial education in their classrooms. And the best part? It’s free! 

Developed by leading practitioners working hand-in-hand with teachers, The $martPath Platform provides simple, fun lessons that bring economic and financial education to life in your classroom. $martPath units teach students about personal financial responsibility (such as saving, prudent spending, and prioritizing needs and wants) through grade-appropriate, curriculum-aligned, interactive lessons.

The CCEE $martPath program is easily completed in three steps:

Step One

Participate in the hour-long $martPath training session and receive an initial $50 teacher stipend

Step Two

Introduce $martPath to your class and have students complete the pre and post test

Step Three

Receive a second $50 teacher stipend upon submission of students’ pre and post test results

$martPath Puppet Videos

To help supplement $martPath learning, the $martPath team collaborated with talented ventriloquist, Megan Piphus, to put together a series of videos that help teach about economic and financial concepts!

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$martPath in California 

What is the CCEE $martPath program?

The CCEE $martPath program trains California’s teachers on how to use the platform, so that students are able to access early, head-start economic and financial education. CCEE is able to bring the $martPath program to California’s K-12 educators free of charge thanks to the commitment of donors and supporters who believe that economic and financial education is the key to empowering future leaders and promoting economic mobility. To learn more about the importance of economic and financial education, click here.

Why bring this to teachers? 

A key advantage of $martPath is that it was created by leaders in economic and financial education alongside teachers, making it a much more impactful learning tool than other digital platforms. $martPath is academically sound and integrates with other disciplines, especially math. This is not another self-paced tool that simply asks students to become familiar with vocabulary. $martPath incorporates grade-specific discussions, in-class activities, interactives, and videos that are guided by a teacher so that students are actively engaged and learning!

Why should teachers participate?

 Once a teacher has been trained in $martPath, it will be available for them to use with current and future students forever. The CCEE $martPath program is perfect for teachers who are interested in empowering students with knowledge about the economy, money, and personal finances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the training?  

  • One hour 

How many modules? 

  • There are 8 grade levels, and each has 3 full-length lessons. Each grade has a shorter, summary “lesson” that’s located under the Review and Assessment tab. 

  How long is each module? 

  • This varies quite a bit, depending on the content that is covered. In first grade, for example, the first lesson is 35 minutes long and the second is 52. However, each lesson consists of distinct pieces so that teachers can “chunk” up the lesson, showing a video and leading a discussion in one sitting, then doing an interactive and an in-class activity in another, for example. The times for each lesson are on the platform for each lesson, under Lesson Overview. 

How do I become a part of CCEE’s $martPath program?

  • First, teachers must participate in the one-hour training. After taking the training, teachers will then use $martPath in their classroom and have students complete a pre and post test to measure their learning. Once the tests have been completed, all CCEE $martPath program participants will receive a $50 teacher stipend.

What concepts are covered for each age  group? 

Each grade has an “Overview” tab that displays the standards covered. Each lesson under the grades has concepts and learning objectives at the beginning of each. For example, in grade 2, the learning objectives for lesson 1 are: 

  • Define “goods” and “services” 
  • Identify examples of “goods” and “services” in their immediate environment 
  • Understand that people earn income through selling goods and/or services 

For lesson 2: 

  • Understand that US currency has evolved and will continue to change its form in the future 
  • Understand that there are a variety of ways to pay for goods and services 
  • Learn about the various forms of transactions throughout history 

For lesson 3: 

  • Learn the various aspects of selling goods and providing services
  • Understand that though there are a variety of ways to pay, there are some that are more convenient 

Is $martPath appropriate for grades beyond elementary and middle school?

  • $martPath has been used before in Special Education classrooms, and can be used for high school students, depending on your class needs.